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Primary Election Day 3/06/18

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Notice of Voting Order Priority:
An election officer may give voting order priority
to individuals with a mobility problem that substantially
impares the person's ability to move around...

Texas Voter ID:
Voters who do not possess and cannot reasonably obtain
one of the seven forms of approved photo ID
have additional options at the polls...

Elections Administrator
Shannon Cornelius
138 W. 5th Street
Rusk, Texas 75785
Phone: 903-683-8409
 Fax: 903-683-8419
email: ea@cocherokee.org

Important 2018 Election Dates

Early Voting for Primary Election
Starts Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018
Ends Friday, March 2, 2018

For locations/times for early
voting please click here

Election Day
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
7am to 7pm



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Primary Voting Locations

Early Voting Hours & Locations

March 6,2018
Election Day Voting Locations

Sample Ballots
for March 6, 2018:

Democratic Sample Ballots

Precinct 1

Precinct 2

Precinct 3

Precinct 4

Republican Sample Ballots
for County PCT 1

Voting District 12

Voting District 13

Voting District 14

Voting District 15

Republican Sample Ballots
for County PCT 2

Voting District 22

Voting District 23

Voting District 24

Voting District 25

Voting District 26

Voting District 27

Voting District 28

Republican Sample Ballots
for County PCT 3

Voting District 32

Voting District 33

Voting District 34

Voting District 35

Voting District 36

Voting District 37

Voting District 38

Republican Sample Ballots
for County PCT 4

Voting District 42

Voting District 43

Voting District 44

Voting District 45

Voting District 46

Voting District 47

Voting District 48

Cherokee County Voting Districts Maps

Updated Cherokee County Map

Jacksonville Detail

Rusk Detail

Previous Election Results:

Final Cumulative 11-07-17

Final Pct-by-Pct 11-07-17

Final Cumulative 11-08-16

Final Pct-by-Pct 11-08-16

Runoff Final Cumulative 05-24-16

Final Cumulative 03-01-16

Final Pct-by-Pct 03-01-16

Republican Final Precinct 03-01-16

Democratic Final Precinct 03-01-16

Final Election Totals 11-03-15

Final Pct-by-Pct 11/4/14

Final Precinct 32 - 11/4/14

9:28PM Final - ALL Precincts Reporting 11/4/14

9:50PM Precinct 32 Election Day Only 11/4/14

Cumulative Final 5/27/14

Official Precinct-by-Precinct 5/27/14

Cumulative Final 3/4/14

Official Precinct-by-Precinct 3/4/14

Constitutional Admentment Election
and Special Election
Unofficial Results 11/5/13

Results for General Election 11/6/12

Pct-by-Pct results for General Election 11/6/12

Unofficial results for Primary Runoff 07/31/12

Unofficial Pct-by-Pct for Primary Runoff 07/31/12

Unofficial Results for Primary Election 05/29/12

Precinct-by-Precinct Results 05/29/12

Unofficial Results for General Election 11/02/10

Unofficial Precinct-by-Precinct for General Election 11/02/10

Unofficial School Bond Jacksonville 11/02/10

Unofficial results for Primary Runoff 04/13/10

Unofficial results for Primary Election 03/02/10

Unofficial results for General Election 11/04/08




(All Documents are in PDF Format - Get PDF reader)


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